Jenkins to Gitlab Migration





Jenkins to Gitlab Migration

Jenkins is a software system to manage Continous Integration and Continous Deployment/Delivery that is very complex and integrates with many various platforms like GitHub, BitBucket and other systems in order to help developers and teams with development. As more and more developers and teams adopt to DevOps in their processes GitLab has grown in popularity, not only because of its feature richness, but also for its great CI/CD environment. The best thing about GitLab is that everything about the project is right in one place, right next to the application code.

Migrations, especially migrating infrastructure often means a large amount of time to prepare (because of its complexity), much effort to actually migrate, and costs much time for training employees after the finished migration.

(Automated) migrations from Jenkins to Jenkins (Jenkins upgrades), re-build your infrastructure as containerized and scalable environment, Jenkins to GitLab migrations (CI/CD) are only a few of the topics that we have already experience in. We are happy to offer different services for our customers in order to not let the migration process be the behemoth you are scared to tackle. Instead customers can lean back and expect the best possible experience, maximum transparency during the migration and furthermore be ensured that in the end everything will work out as planned.

Why you should partner with us

Often things like the CI process or the infrastructure directly influence the development process and thus your income as a company. This is why one should consider partnering with experts in the field when it comes to tasks like migration or re-building of infrastructure, migration/adoption or modernisation of the CI process as these tasks require several things, such as efficiency, experience, expertise and a fast development-environment and -process.

If one does not think about this sufficiently and tries to tackle the challenge alone, although being under-experienced this might be very expensive regarding money but also worthy time and infrastructure (VMs/servers, disk space, etc.).

To see what we are offering look a bit further down on this page.

Our Customers


(Automated) Migrations from A to B? Update your infrastructure to use state-of-the-art technology? Relieve your teams from the complexity with the current setup or process? Keep on reading to see what we can do for you concerning Jenkins and GitLab services.

  • Automated migration of build-artifacts to other Repository-Systems (Artifactory, MinIO, GitLab Registry, etc.)

  • Jenkins to GitLab CI migration

  • Jenkins to Jenkins Migration

  • Train employees to adopt to the changed environment/process

  • Updating your infrastructure to make use of containerized applications or rebuild your infrastructure following the Infrastructure as Code paradigm

Jenkins to Gitlab Migration

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