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Baseline situation

The customer works with an already existing online form to collect data from prospective customers, this data is output as an Excel list. The problem here is that this data must be manually fed into a proprietary ERP system in a second step, which is very time-consuming.

Our solution

We have therefore developed a webhook which is triggered by the online form. The webhook takes the data and feeds it automatically into the database of the proprietary system. Thus, the process of data collection is completely automated. The hosting of this application could be easily hosted by a third party (the provider of the Proprietary System), as we provide the application as a convenient container solution (zeroconfiguration).

Situation after cooperation

The customer is satisfied and saves a time-consuming work step. In addition, the application runs stably and completely without maintenance effort.


We look back on an excellent cooperation - the project was finished within two months, including arrangements. Even rework was not necessary.

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