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Universe Dawn



Universe Dawn is a browser-based MMO real-time strategy game played by several hundred players. The game requires diplomatic and strategic skills, offering players the opportunity to choose a race and profession to either determine their own fate or be part of a larger alliance to collectively shape the fate of the universe.

Baseline situation

In this case, Universe Dawn is a self-production to showcase our abilities as well as to train our employees.

Our solution

We decided to develop Universe Dawn with React and Node.js. We also used RabbitMQ and multiple microservices to create a scalable web application that offers players a seamless and high-performance gaming experience.

The game includes:

  • An in-game messaging system for status updates and browser notifications about new developments
  • Modular, freely configurable spaceships
  • A hierarchical tech tree with researchable bonuses and parts
  • Mineable asteroids, quests, alliances, and a justice system


  • A 3D galaxy view
  • A combat system with video view
  • Resource production, buildings, and fleet flights, all happening in real time.

Situation after cooperation

To keep our players satisfied, we have introduced regular updates and events that offer new quests, features, rewards, and challenges. By now, there is also a monetization that allows players to keep pace with the more advanced players for real money.


The game enjoys an active and motivated player base, which proves that we managed to create an application from scratch that attracts users through good landing pages, onboarding, tutorials, SEO, and marketing.

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