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Baseline situation

The existing website was somewhat outdated in terms of design and limited in its technical capabilities, blog authoring was not possible for example.

Our solution

We have created a completely new web presence. This is a static HTML/Javascript/CSS website built with the Hugo software.

The new website enables the inclusion of blog posts/news, contains company offers, an RSS feed and a site-wide search function.

In addition, a new, externally created design was fully implemented for all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile).

To make the workflow as simple and effective as possible, we built configurable components. Authors can integrate these into their texts without much technical effort (in markdown). (These are Figure with caption, Youtube embed, Blogpost slider with tags, etc.)

Web best practices were also taken into account, namely the integration of Lighthouse as a performance/SEO analysis tool and Semrush Audit as a general analysis tool.

Finally, the website also works without activating Javascript (noscript), unlike many websites that cannot be accessed in this case.

Overall, it was an iterative development and design process, which was constantly rethought through the inclusion of new ideas and changes. In the end, everyone involved was rewarded for their perseverance with satisfaction.

Situation after cooperation

The website is now online and so far there have been no requests for adjustments or rework.


We look back on a very successful cooperation and are pleased to have built a secure, faster and user-friendly website for our client.

We thank you for the trust, the project and the cooperation has brought us much joy.

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