SSG (Static Site Generators)





SSG (Static Site Generators)

Websites are the most common way to represent yourself in the internet. No matter if the web-presence is for professional or private reasons, it represents you as an individual or professional towards the outside world, hence it should be created in a way that it best represents what you are aiming to deliver to your visitors.

Static Site Generators are code-frameworks on the basis of which static websites can be created with ease. There are several reasons to create a static website, for example security, loading speed/general performance of the website and the fact that the content is easily extendable. The extendability of the content is based on the fact that usually the content for a static website is written in markdown or a similar markup language and thus can be written by the owner of the website him-/herself.

You need a static website for you or your company? We create custom static websites with gatsby, nextjs or hugo.

Our Customers


We offer the creation of custom static websites and other related services using one of the following technologies:

  • Gatsby

  • NextJS

  • Hugo

  • SEO (search engine optimization) improvements for your website

SSG (Static Site Generators)

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