Automation Solutions





Automation Solutions

Some steps in a development process or other repeatedly occurring tasks do not need much of expertise but time - a rare resource in a fast-living and ever-changing world of software development.

This is the point where we can help our customers to improve their processes based on the experiences we've made in the past and our knowledge as professionals in automation questions. Targeting a high-degree of automation will save you a lot of time that can be productively used somewhere else. We are offering different solutions to automate our customers development workflows or other processes so they can focus on the things that really matter for them - their products and developments.

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Some task do not necessarily require manual effort, which is why we aim to help our customers to save time with automation solutions that reduce their manual effort

  • Continous Everything: Test, Build, Deployment, Monitoring automation

  • Document generation (timesheets, invoices, etc.)

  • Automated (infrastructure) migrations

  • Automated, reusable provisioning and installment of infrastructure resources

Automation Solutions

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