Jodel Oracle

A user-friendly tool to view over 4 months of collected data from Jodel.

10 May, 2018

As part of a university project, a system was developed which automatically retrieves data via an API in order to use it on a large scale and display it in a user-friendly way.

Jodel Oracle


Jodel as an anonymous and local platform for short messages is very popular. The idea of Jodel Oracle was to predict the popularity of these messages.

The number of upvotes and comments for a Jodel can be calculated based on hashtags, time and certain keywords.


  • Scraping Jodel to collect data about the last four months with Python.
  • To store and control data, we utilized Docker, MySQL, Node.js, and Couchbase.
  • Frontend was realized with Angular5 and TypeScript.


  • Collected data from 700 german cities.
  • In a timeframe of 4 months, about 4 million Jodel were collected.

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