Coaching and Consulting





Coaching and Consulting

At Team Parallax we want make sure that we can always deliver the best possible experience to our customers. This is why we also aim to not only deliver high quality software solutions but also do consult our customers concerning their requests. The consulting also includes our customers into the whole development of their software solution since they are granted the ability to always provide feedback to us during the development and consulting.

Our Customers


In order to improve workflows, their efficiency and processes we have several offerings to support and consult our customers, where we accept the ultimate challenge to individually tailor the requested workshop/consulting format to best fit our customers needs and requirements.

  • Automation & -Tools (Ansible, Docker, GitLab CI, Vagrant)

  • Git & GitLab workshops (Git Basics, GitLab Flow, GitLab CI, GitOps)

  • Cloud-native development (Helm, Kubernetes)

  • Cloud providers (hetzner, aws, google cloud)

  • Web Development (NodeJS + TypeScript, React)

Coaching and Consulting

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