Applications in MERN stack





Applications in MERN stack

The MERN stack is a javascript technology stack for full-stack web development consisting of four technologies: MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. MERN as tech-stack enables smooth, fast and easy development and deployment of the software we build.

We develop custom applications for you using the MERN stack, according to your wishes. Your application can be everything related to the web. As our slogan already says:

"We build complex web applications".

From RESTful APIs, over E-Commerce solutions to platforms and (customer) portals, as well as distributed applications, we are sure that we can fully satisfy our customers needs.

Our Customers


Since the success and satisfaction of our customers needs is our hearts desire we've established some practices that worked out best for us and our customers in order to achieve our common goals

  • Fast MVP development

  • Flexible development with weekly meetups to react to customer wishes and change requests

  • Short development iterations

  • Comprehensive definition of the project-objectives

  • Search engine optimized websites (100% lighthouse warranty)

  • Secure, fast and modern user interface development with proven technologies

  • Setup of staging environments to demonstrate latest changes of development before they go live

Applications in MERN stack

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